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American Wind Technologies is an Iowa based company that services wind turbines throughout the United States. We provide a wide range of services and maintenance including; constructing and/or repairing rotor assemblies, replacement of gearboxes, transformer replacement, hazardous spill cleanup, painting and oil changes, and we also sell and assemble SensorGuard for electrical storm and ground overload protection.

As wind turbines are coming out of warranty, it's becoming critical to maintain the high efficiency that was experienced in the warranty period. This is where American Wind Technologies can help your business save money and stay energy efficient.

If you have fields with 100 or more wind turbines, all work is done with cranes, skylifts, and heavy equipment. We can also do multiple repairs at once within one day.

By providing you our total maintenance program, we offer up three simple goals;

  • To provide the best services to match the needs of your wind turbine system;
  • To execute the wind turbine cleaning and maintenance program in an efficient and timely manner;
  • To maintain a productive, safe, and rewarding environment for your company and ours.

What We Do

  • Blade Inspection & Repair
  • Blade Cleaning by Sky Lift
  • Pre-end Warranty Blade Inspections
  • Gearbox Inspection & Repair
  • Electrical & Mechanical Inspection
  • Complete Tower Cleaning
  • Environmental Clean up
We are a proud member of the Iowa Wind Energy Association
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