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 The American Wind Technologies Program

American Wind Technologies understands that to operate effectively, turbines need to be cleaned and maintained on a systematic basis and be in peak working order for safety and efficiency and our company has the capability to decrease the normal cleaning time of five (5) days to one (1) (weather permitting).

Our well managed maintenance program can manage and maximize your farm to produce at peak operating capacity. This is critical to your over all goals and objectives of successful wind power production.

Using our innovative technology, we can improve safety, crew efficiency, and downtime. By shortening down times, this allows for higher electrical production, and the all important high efficiency rate.

Wind Turbine Sky LiftWe maintain and purchase the best equipment specific to our contractual tasks, including a Palfinger WT1000 sky lift.

Our Sky lifts are the newest most efficient method for wind turbine maintenance and our 6500 gal water trucks keep our cleaning operation running full time in the critical cleaning season. We also use a dry ice method for paint removal, which is the least invasive and most environmentally available option for surface repair.

Using a sky lift will allow us to work much quicker and safer than traditional repelling or crane operations. Our lifts can withstand a wind tolerance up to 27mph which allow our crew to maintain a longer period of clean due to less fatigue.

The sky lift has a 310ft plus reach that keeps even the newest turbines in top working efficiency.

Safety is a very important part of our process and our lift has a stable platform allowing for crews and equipment to be safely utilized in a less stressful working position. More importantly, it has a safety mechanism in place to automatically bring the lift down if there are any problems.

Finally, it is essential that you maintain a high efficiency rating and with our program that means a much shorter down time. In turn allowing for more KW production profit. Our team has your efficiency needs as its number one production goal.

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